A Warm Welcome

Hi! There. I am starting a new adventurous journey here, I have gathered all my courage and decided to start publishing my write-ups and poems. I am all fired up about your compliments and criticism. This blog for me is like a journal where I will be sharing my feelings, opinions, experience, and thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Greetings from my cerebrum!

Hop in and fasten your seatbelts. Get ready for a ride into my world.

Latest from the Blog

To Dance Forever with You

If I ever get a chance again,I’d hold you and dance forever,For the sun and the moon envy me,To have found someone,Better than the clouds and stars, To see you smile and laugh,As I spin you and catch you in my arms,To be eternally, devastatingly romantic,As I ride, the furore of passion. To be intoxicatedContinue reading “To Dance Forever with You”

Jewel of the Rain

The small hand of the clock struck 3, as the second hand proceeded to move forward. I had always loved the calm sky before the storm, the silver hues were like molten silver, swirling in steady and radiating ripples. I loved the greys of every shade and depth. In the midst of that night, theContinue reading “Jewel of the Rain”


As a child, I used to love the story of how daffodils came into existence (even though it’s just a mythology), it always intrigued me. So, I thought, if Narcissus were to tell his version of the story, how would it be? This is what I came up with. Oh! Nemesis (Goddess of retribution),You luredContinue reading “Narcissus”

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